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The Greater Lansing Hispanic Chamber (GLHC) is back and better than ever! We remain committed to help grow your local business using our core values of collaboration, stewardship, ethical excellence, sustainability and renewal; and as a newly-structured organization, we are pleased to announce several exciting updates. 

GLHC gained non-profit (501c3) status in mid-2021 as a resource for workforce development and business education throughout the Lansing region.

While we are a Hispanic-led organization, our mission also extends to be inclusive to groups outside the Hispanic community. We aim to universally identify and develop individual talent to increase human capital, assisting in the growth of both large and small local businesses.

To this end, we will focus on existing opportunities within industries in need of more skilled workers (i.e. manufacturing, construction, professional services, healthcare, technology, etc.). Our goal is one of mutual benefit and success for local employers and employees alike.Now is the time to launch these initiatives, as businesses of all sizes are suffering from personnel shortages.

Widespread barriers to acquiring human capital are rampant. The connection between education and employment has diminished, leading to a new higher-education-without-commensurate-occupation epidemic. GLHC is working to bridge this gap with facilitated training opportunities (ex: assessment testing, opportunity readiness), hosting events to align employers with their potential workforce and engaging real conversations to encourage community development.

We are honored to partner with Meijer in their efforts to support Hispanic chambers throughout the midwestern communities they serve.In March of 2022, Meijer committed to a one-million-dollar donation to local affiliates of United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The Greater Lansing Hispanic Chamber was honored to receive $58,000 toward the continued effort to positively impact and develop the business community of Greater Lansing. “By investing in these Hispanic Chambers, we hope to empower Hispanic business owners and create an economic impact that’s felt throughout our communities,” said Tim Williams, Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion at Meijer.Special thanks to the Melanated Business Alliance and Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) for their collaboration on the efforts to relaunch. Countless meetings and conversations have gone into this relaunch, ensuring a more comprehensive value-add to the Hispanic business community.

To the many other individuals, businesses and organizations that have helped along the way, we thank you again for all your hard work and support.

For more information on both of these outstanding resources visit:

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in coming weeks!

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